Homes currently under construction at The Gold Star!


The Renegade!

   View from the drive up side.  Construction in progress.  Photo taken 11-05.



   View from the National Forest side.  About 25' from USFS wilderness.  Sloping, forested, rocky hills
   are only steps from this boundary.  The front of this home faces the wilderness with plenty of windows
   and your own private deck.

   The Renegade! is a one bedroom, one bathroom home with a living room, dining area, and a full kitchen
                                                               (electric range, over range microwave, dishwasher and more).  It will be completely
                                                               furnished as is all of our homes.  Sleeps 4 maximum.  "BIG STICKS!" is a superb choice
for vacations and holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, but this new
                                                               addition to our little town of Gold Star does the same things (on a smaller scale) and
                                                               has it's own mystique.  You know what we think The Renegade will become famous for?
                                                                                                           (click here for the answer!)

                    The Renegade! will be ready for the family vacation season next year (2006).



Mossy Rock Stage Stop!

    View from the National Forest side.  About 35' from National Forest wilderness.  This roadhouse is in the
     extreme NE corner of our little town of Gold Star (at the end of Main Street). It has National Forest wilderness on two
     sides and has a gate for horses, wagons, and stage coaches.  We haven't had any stages stop in recent years (except
     a couple of "phantom" stages), but we are sure gonna be ready to accommodate one, if they do!.


     View from the drive up side.  Construction in progress.  Photo taken 11-05.



Mossy Rock Stage Stop!  Lots of windows (to be installed).  Entire roadhouse can be rented by one group.
                                                    Upper level will have a huge wrap around deck and forest and wilderness views that
                                            will astound our guests!  Upper level is a two bedroom, one full bathroom, fully
                                                    equipped kitchen, dining area, big living area, plus more!  Sleeps six.  Lower level is
                                                        divided into two units that will sleep four each.  There is a door that can be used to join
                                                       these two units or separate them by a lock out.  Both of these have a full kitchen, and
                                                       private bathroom and will have a ground level patio door for access to a private patio
area.  A lot of windows provide light and views. 

                                                           This roadhouse is capable of multi-occupancy as a tri-plex, or for use by one group of up
 to 14 guests (just like any respectable stage stop!).

              Mossy Rock Stage Stop!  will be ready for families early summer 2006. 


Gold Star Supply and Emporium!

    If'n a person has a little town, a main street, a road house stage stop and a hole bunch more...wouldn't
it make a whole passel of cents to have a dog-gone tradin' post or some kind of general store
      for sit-e-suns in need?  Gonna git one shore-nuff!  Might be in oh-six...then agin...might not.
       Gonna git just about every thin a right, upstandin' town like Gold Star should pro-cure.
       Gonna have every thin...cept one of those son-of-a-biscuit eatin', pork bellied, possum sniff-in,
lizard lickin', shoe sniff-in', trigger happy, law dawgs!

Weel keep all you pilgrims, wranglers, cow-pokes, buckaroos, gold-diggers, rock-dawgs, boot leggers,
pharaoh deelin' slickers, preechers, and course them ladies of the night posted.